Pro Back Support Brace with Heat and Magnets

  • Our PRO model Back Support Brace now comes with Magnets and auto Heating.
  • Designed to provide relief from back pain using Tourmaline self-heating pads & magnetic therapy.
  • Provides warmth to the injured area and also improves blood circulation and heighten blood oxygen levels providing effective natural pain relief.
  • It offers superb comfort and provides an excellent level of lumbar support.
25 customer reviews



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Our PRO model Back Support Brace now comes with Magnets and auto Heating.

This quality back support is designed to provide relief from back pain using Tourmaline self-heating pads & magnetic therapy. It will provide warmth to the injured area and also improve blood circulation and heighten blood oxygen levels providing effective natural pain relief. It offers superb comfort and provides an excellent level of lumbar support.

It features a Tourmaline magnetic pad across the back which is designed to increase natural heat and improve blood flow through the affected area, as well as strategically placed magnets to help target pain relief.

It provides maximum lumbar and abdominal support while allowing full body motion, even when lifting or bending.

Tourmaline back support contains Far Infra Red Tourmaline, a material that generates heat when in close contact with the body. It’s a natural substance that does not require batteries or electricity.

Tourmaline Heat Warning: Tourmaline has amazing self-heating properties but care is needed when first using any Tourmaline item. Tourmaline can affect people in different ways, a small percentage can generate substantial heat against the skin. To ensure you are not adversely affected by Tourmaline it is highly recommended that you use the belt over a t-shirt or similar until you are familiar with the heat your body generates. The Tourmaline pads can be dampened to provide additional heat but it is highly recommended that you start with the pads completely dry, this includes from any perspiration generated by work and exercise. As you get used to and understand the heat generated in your case you can then wear the belt for extended periods with confidence.


  1. Release the outer straps from the brace.
  2. Place the brace around your waist to the required tension.
  3. Pull the outer straps for more tension.
  4. No batteries or power required for heating.


The support is available in 9 sizes to provide for a perfect fit. To ensure you receive the correct size it’s important you measure your waistline at the height you expect to wear the belt. Do not rely on your pants size as this may be smaller than your waistline. Then use the sizes below to choose your correct size and order from the drop down menu above.

Small  60-90CM (23-35”)
Med   90-100CM (35-39”)
Large  100-110CM (39-43”)
XL   110-120CM (43-47”)
2XL 120-130CM (47-51”)
3XL 130-140CM (51-55”)
4XL 140-150CM (55-59”)
5XL 150-160CM (59-62”)
6XL 160-170CM (62-67”)

*Waist should be measured at level of belly button.

Unisex – to fit men and women



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25 reviews for Pro Back Support Brace with Heat and Magnets

  1. Janelle Tripcony (verified owner)

    Very Happy . have recommend to my brother

  2. Stephen Kelly

    Absolutely fantastic I spent 7 years on medications for a lower back problem quite strong medication tramadol,2 days after using the magnetic back brace I haven’t looked back nor have I taken any medication I wish I’d tryed year’s earlier.

  3. Nigel Hebron (verified owner)

    Great product and good communication

  4. Laura Dickson (verified owner)

    Purchased support belt for my Daughter who does her own horses hoofs, the belt helps her a great deal when bending over the horses hoof.

  5. Greg Pern (verified owner)

  6. Greg Pern (verified owner)

    Very pleased. A little small but.

  7. Jim – Works for me (store manager)

    Assisting me with many new options for activities, particularly with golf. The support from the back brace has enabled me to continue with this sport. While a previous back operation had been successful for many years this inevitably deteriorated to a serious degree and had reached a point where golf was not an option. I would gladly recommend this product to other potential users

  8. Lindsay George Bryceson – Very Good Back Brace (store manager)

    Easy to use product which ‘hits the spot’ and is comfortable. Very good shopping experience.

  9. Waleed (store manager)

    Great Product. Really does make a difference in supporting my back and also reliving some pain from sciatica. I can actually walk better with it on.

  10. David – Best product (store manager)

    Best product I have had, its great. I hurt my back and helps with the pain,thanks.

  11. Julie – So comfortable, works great! (store manager)

    I am so happy with my back brace, it’s comfortable to wear and provides some relief without using pain killers, thank you! I highly recommend it.

  12. Terry (store manager)

    I recently purchased an AUS PHYSIO back brace belt and have only used it a few times. It is very easy to put on and adjust and I wasn’t confident enough to go for my walk around the block but with the belt on I was able to and do my normal walk
    I feel that even pottering around the house and yard and doing small jobs etc I will use it knowing that it will help (I turned 77 a few days ago)

  13. Anonymous – Excellent product (store manager)

    Much more comfortable than previous ones.

  14. Donna – It works (store manager)

    It works for me it’s great.

  15. Donna – It’s so great (store manager)

    I brought one for my lower back pain, its so great. It has helped heaps.
    Thank you

  16. Lower Back Support Brace Belt with Magnets and Heat – Carol (store manager)

    I bought this for hubby as he has a lot of lower back pain. The support and comfort, has helped him a lot. He is now able to do jobs around the yard and go shopping with me. At first he put it over his T-Shirt but I said he will feel the heat more if straight on body. He did this and you can certainly feel the heat. This is something that you have to work up too. So he will do this is shorter times now. Build it up. Its very well made and the extra strapping for firmness is excellent.

  17. Highly recommended (store manager)

    Very comfortable to wear, and it gives extra support to my back when doing chores around the house and yard. The heat generated from it is amazing!

  18. Learnt the hard way – Tanya (store manager)

    Do not put directly on skin.

  19. Too warm too good – Rizi (store manager)

    Excellent product.

  20. Awesome+++++ (store manager)

    I bought this for my 90 year old mother who suffers from lower back issues and she absolutely loves it! It has given her so much relief and she can’t talk highly enough about it, it’s comfortable & generates the perfect level of heat for her. Top quality product.

  21. Great warm pack – Bec (store manager)

    It is better than I expected! It has definitely started working….realised that I can use it for my endometriosis pain.

  22. Mike – Works great (store manager)

    I had my doubts, but this belt works better than I could have hoped for. By placing a light cloth under the pads and adjusting the wetness of the cloth actually alters the heat production. Amazing

  23. It Helps (store manager)

    I suffer Chronic Lower Back Osteo Arthritis, product was delivered promptly. The design is thoughtful and the material/assembly quality is excellent.
    It fits comfortably.
    I’ve been using it for several days twice daily (3+3 hours).Early days but it definitely helps. I’ll try wearing it in direct skin contact to see how the heating function works. There’re some fancy, expensive belts out there but this unit is reasonably priced and built to last. Highly recommended!

  24. John Ellesley – Best on market (store manager)

    Having been wearing back support for many years i find this one to be far superior quality It is very well made.

  25. Graham – Best back brace I’ve had (store manager)

    The first time I used it I didn’t get any heat so I gave it a miss for a few days. The second time was different with heat by the truckload. Today I used it at lawn bowls, found it to be very effective. Best back brace I’ve had

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